Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chronology Of Events To Date re OBG Closure

Sept 05: Negotiation between OBG Board & ACNI about a way forward.

Oct 05: Jan 06 Step by step OBG addressing ACNI requests, including ongoing submission of monthly financial reports.

Feb 06: OBG draft advert for new board as requested and proposed timescale for restructuring sent to ACNI for approval.

Feb 06: ACNI not give approval and state OBG now in “non compliance” with terms of grant and Council vote unanimously to withhold final payment of grant for current yr and any future funding.

Feb 06: OBG Board appeal against decision to withhold grant in face to face meeting with Chief Exec. and senior officers of ACNI.

Feb 06: ACNI reject appeal and draft “Joint statement” to be signed by OBG chair regarding ensuing insolvency and would release final payment for use with creditors.

28th Feb 06: OBG Board announce insolvency with immediate effect including making all staff at OBG redundant. Dorr of OBG closed.

ACNI make public statement declare “company” is closed down but ACNI holding £300,000 for next financial year and in discussions with visual arts sector to reopen under new management as soon as possible.

1st March 06: Visual Arts Sector hold public silent protest outside OBG.

3rd March 06: Protest at ACNI expressing lack of confidence in ACNI.

4th March 06: Public meeting at Belfast Exposed to review events including 5 questions raised by sector and ACNI response.


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