Friday, March 31, 2006

Letter of concern-Paco Simon, Arte en Orbita,International Artists Museum Spanish Center.

Dear Minister,

We the undersigned wish to acknowledge our support and concern for the former Ormeau Baths Gallery team in light of the consequences of the Arts Councils decision to suddenly withdraw funding from the Ormeau Baths Gallery.

We have only high praise for the exciting and invigorating programme of contemporary visual arts implemented by the team. It was an invaluable resource that brought high caliber international artwork to a local audience and pitted the work of contemporary Irish artists in an international context.

The OBG played a vital role in the cultural life of Northern Ireland and we mourn the loss of such a highly regarded organisation and worry about the long-term ramifications of this decision.

Paco Simón

Jussepe Martinez, 7 • 50003 Zaragoza • Tel./Fax +34 976 392556 • • CIF G50867555 The International Artists’ Museum Spanish Center, The European Artists’ Forum


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