Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some things Individuals can do in support of OBG in March 2006

> Write letters to the Acting Permanent Secretary at DCAL and the Minister of state David Hanson.

> Write letters to the media eg. Belfast Telegraph, Irish News etc.

> Write letters and make phone calls to all political parties asking for their views and what action they have or will take.

> Write letters and make phone calls to individual members of the Arts Council Board asking them to make the executive of Arts Council to overturn its decision.

DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE ARTS AND LEISURE http://www.dcalni.gov.uk/home/

ARTS COUNCIL OF NORTHERN IRELAND http://www.artscouncil-ni.org/


At 6:46 pm, Anonymous Samantha mckee said...

I am dismayed that we should be losing one of the few galleries with a reputation in scheduling such a lot of stimulating contemporary exhibitions.It demonstrates still further the arts councils determination to dilute the 'real art'scene-cutting funding to progressive galleries and passing it onto Arts centres whos main agenders is to facilitate the wider community and please the general public.Artists are unique in their creativity and cannot continue to be treated as facilitators for art as education for the mases or as counsellors.Whatever happened to intellectuals being appreciated for their individual thinking and challenges of the unknown or uninvestigated.Let us all make pots and paint murals with the disadvantaged and leave our minds behind us.


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